Amcomfy Standing Desk Mat Comfort Floor Mat Anti Fatigue Mat for Office 20x39x3 4 black TZITNTXUR

Amcomfy Standing Desk Mat Comfort Floor Mat Anti Fatigue Mat for Office 20"x39"x3 4" black TZITNTXUR

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>> ULTRALIGHT CREATIVE PORTABLE,integrated design, no need to get an extra toothpick container. Pocket size, only 5g, easily-taken in purse, on keychains or bags etc.>> MULTIPURPOSE, two-ended screw fixing design, not only a pocket toothpick but can also be extended as EDC tool for fine work or emergency use.>> HANDY and CLEAN, waterproof sealed to keep the toothpick clean so that you can use it anytime, anywhere. Upgraded milled head for non-slip.>> DURABLE and REUSABLE toothpick, eco-friendly, healthy, clean-- a cool, personality, high quality daily life accessory. And keep you away from the days that wood toothpicks broke in mouth.>> Nice for backpacking, camping, hiking, travel etc, cool gift. The tip might be bent easily when used as a tool due to the thin peak BUT never worry as a toothpick. Please make sure you have tightly screwed it to avoid toothpick falling off. If it is lost because of quality please contact us to get a replaced part.

Maybe you've faced the embarrassing time when the restaurant does not offer toothpicks
Maybe it's uncomfortable when you needed a toothpick but never be able to find one
What's more, it is cool to show out your personal titanium toothpick.
Drop your bamboo toothpick, and take a titanium only belongs to you which could be a lifetime partner,
live a higher quality life with titanium.

Brand: BANG TI

Holder body: Pure Titanium
Toothpick and two ends: Titanium Alloy Gr5
Mini ring: Stainless Steel

Length: 7.3cm/ 2.87in
Opened Length: 11.3cm/4.44in
Outer Diameter: about 0.6cm/ 0.23in
Toothpick diameter: about 0.2cm/ 0.07in
Peak diameter: about 0.3mm/ 0.01in
Weight: 5g

Not only a toothpick, but a self defense edc tool, can bore holes on soft surface, nice gift choice etc.
Please note: Titanium resists the corrosion of aqua regia, seawater etc, but not sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and high concentrations of nitric acid;
boiling brine, boiling sodium hydroxide solution can also corrode titanium.
However, it's great enough for your daily use
as titanium is Currently widely used in aerospace, army, industry process, automotive, agri-food, medical, sporting goods, jewelry and mobile phones, etc.
A manufacturer from China, Mainly focus on titanium products, outdoor multifunction tools and sports equipment. We are always trying to Make Perfection More Perfect, always insisting strict quality control and keeping testing, improving, to ensure BANG TI creats the best.
We are BANG TI, who only offer trustworthy service and high quality products.
Having our stuff, you will see Chinese Made is also pretty good!

Amcomfy Standing Desk Mat Comfort Floor Mat Anti Fatigue Mat for Office 20"x39"x3 4" black TZITNTXUR

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