Backflow Cone Incense-100g Natural Agarwood Cone Incense Waterfall Incense Backflow IncenseBLUE XTSDJEYCV

Backflow Cone Incense-100g Natural Agarwood Cone Incense Waterfall Incense Backflow IncenseBLUE XTSDJEYCV

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NATURAL MATERIAL: made of pure agarwood powder and natural sticky powder, so the smell of the smog was characterized by a sweet-balsamic note and shades of vanilla and musk and amber (not to be confused with ambergris). NO STRONG BAD SMELLS WILL BE LEFT AFTER BURNING.IMPROVE YOUR HOUSEHOLD AIR QUALITY, HEALTHY AND ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: agarwood wood can produce a natural sweet-balsamic note, shades of vanilla and musk and amber smell; therefore, this cone incense can refresh you. You can smell it carefully and you will find the smell was mysterious.WELL PACKAGED CONE INCENSE, YOU WORTH THIS TREAT: this cone incense was package with sealed PE bag and two layer safe gifted box. This will ensure that you receive your cone incense in perfect condition and avoid the adsorption of other strange aroma. MAKE SURE THAT YOU CAN SMELL THE PURE AND MYSTERIOUS SMELL OF OUR BACKFLOW CONE INCENSE. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!A GOOD GIFT: can be send to your business partner or as a gift for your parents on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Or you can just explore the miracle why the smog will pouring down like waterfall in the pictures.BURN ABOUT 8 MINUETES WITH THIS LITTLE 2.5 * 1.5 cm(Height * Diameter) SIZE CONE INCENSE: high density cedar powder and plant sticky powder make this tiny cone incense burn so much time.

When burning this cone incense, you will find that there are two parts of smog, one part will go up and the other part will go down like waterfall. This is the normal miracle of any backflows. If you want to smell this pure aroma of our agarwood incense, you can smell both after you open the sealed package and after burning it. You will feel the difference between chemical cone incense and organic cone incense. Really worth this try for the cone incense lovers!

Material: agarwood and sticky plant powder
Size: about 2.5 * 1.5 cm/ 1 * 0.6in (Height * Diameter)
Can burn about 8 minutes
About 55 pieces of backflow/cone incense in one package(About 100g)

How to enjoy this cone incense
1.Cone incense holder should be placed in windless environment, if not, miracle of cone incense smog pouring down like waterfall will not come out.
2.Keep about 30~40 cm away from the incense burner and watch the smog coming down from the back-flow incense and smell the aroma of the cone incense.

How to recognize chemical incense and organic incense
Natural incense was made of natural wood and plant sticky powder. Before you burn it, you can feel the smell was fresh and natural, not that strong; after you burned it, you will feel that the incense left agarwood fresh scent around your room and will disappear in about 1 hour; if you found that aroma was pungent and do not disappear in your room, this will be the chemical incense. All in all, different people have their own likes and dislikes, just choose the incense you like and enjoy this traditional Chinese culture and get yourself relaxed

NORMAL THINGS: Sticky black/brown oil will be left on where you put your incense burner after burning, so you need clean it with wet cloth or pipe water with some detergent after burning.

Backflow Cone Incense-100g Natural Agarwood Cone Incense Waterfall Incense Backflow IncenseBLUE XTSDJEYCV

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